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Inspired by the five civilisations of the Mediterranean, Bendidorm's Terra Mitica theme park will take you on an incredible journey back through the mists of time to the Egypt of the Pharoahs, Ancient Greece, the glory of Rome, Iberia's pirate past and the Mediterannean Islands of myth and legend.

As well as its many rides and attractions, Terra Mitica boasts no less than 20 fantastic live shows with a cast of over 300 actors and dancers. Let them entertain you, but watch out for the pirates!

Of course a great theme park would not be complete without great rollercoasters and rides and Terra Mitica does not disappoint.

Accept the mission to ride the awesome Rescue of Ulysses if you dare or tackle Europe's largest wooden rollercoaster  - Magnus Colossus!

And if you have 35 seconds to spare, board Tizona for an adrenaline filled ride of death-defying nosedive falls, 360º loops and corkscrew turns!

Book your tickets online and get two days entry into the Terra Mitica theme park for the price of one!

Adult ticket £36

Child ticket £26

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Terra Mitica Theme Park Guide

When the Terra Mitica theme park first opened its doors in 2000, we were fortunate enough to be in Benidorm at the time and were among the first visitors through its doors. And in 2009, we are still regular visitors to this great day out for the entire family.

In 2007, 1.1 million people visited Terra Mitica and it can get busy on public holidays and during the height of summer. But for much of the year it is far less crowded and is a fantastic place to spend a day or two for kids and grown ups alike.

2008 was a great year for a theme park that incredibly almost went out of business just four years after opening.

The sale of land originally earmarked for its expansion has secured its future and allowed Terra Mitica to splash out a whopping six million euros on two new rides last year - Inferno, one of only two "ballcoasters" in Europe, and Infinito, the 100m tall gyro tower with breathtaking views over the park, Benidorm and the Med.

This is our guide to Terra Mitica. Hope you enjoy it!

The Marshall family

Sail from the ancient Port of Alexandria, ride the rapids of the Nile, reach for the skies aboard Infinito and enter the Pyramid Of Terror!
Enter the Minotaur's Labarynth, ride the giant swinging Synkope and risk the fury of Triton on his water ride!
Rome Terra Mitica
When in Rome, ride Europe's biggest wooden rollercoaster and the new "ballcoaster", fall ten storeys down a Roman column and let the little ones loose on their very own rides!
Iberia Terra Mitica
Home of bumper cars, Red Beard's pirates and the mighty Tizona, a 35 second white knuckle rollercoaster ride!
The Islands
Help rescue Ulysses, ride with mythical beasts and endure the wrath of Achilles!

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